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Windows File Server Auditor for File Access Auditing

In large organizations, file servers constitute huge amount of crucial business-specific data. A large number of files are being created, edited, deleted or shared using different modes on a daily-basis and needs to be monitored and administered.

File Access Auditing is outstanding software that facilitates getting complete details on all changes made to Windows File Servers and NetApp Filers and each and every File Server access activities like who changed what, when, from where and from which workstation. The software archives network-wide audit data in a centralized repository and, thus, file server audit tool assists in tracking and reporting all available Windows file servers and NetApp filers at a time.File Server auditor is available as a part of LepideAuditor Suite. The other components of software are Active Directory auditor, Exchange Server auditor, SQL Server auditor, GPO auditor, and SharePoint auditor.

File Access Auditing : Key Features

  • Archives all the events generated for changes made in the file server in a central repository.
  • Audit all configuration changes made to NetApp filers and Windows File Servers.
  • Generates real-time alerts on all the crucial changes made in Windows file servers and NetApp filers.
  • Generates a number of pre-defined reports on file server events.
  • Clear and concise reports on changes made to Files, Folders, and Permissions to Windows File Servers and NetApp Filers.
  • Allows filtering pre-defined reports based on various criteria like Date/Time, File Server Name, User Name, Event Name, Event Status, and Process Name.
  • Allows scheduling automatic generation and delivery of reports to specified email addresses.
  • Collects and stores events as per configured audit policies.
  • Creates required audit policies based on a number of attributes like File Server name, monitoring time, drive, directory, file name, file type, process, and events.
  • Exports generated reports in .DOC, .PDF, HTML, and .TXT file formats.
  • Permission analysis records can be archived for File Server etc. This information can also be stored in databases via auditing logs.
  • Its permission analysis feature displays the historical changes in the permissions of files and folders. Moreover, it also allows administrators to compare the permissions for the selected file or folder between two time intervals.
  • Allows users to know the scope of the permission by displaying a column “Apply to” which is added to the “Permission History” and “Compare Permission” report of the File Server Permission Analysis. Also, the software enables users to save separate permission analysis reports for both “Permission History” and “Compare Permission” in different formats including PDF, MHT or CSV etc.
  • Allows grouping reports based on various parameters like Date, User, Computer and Event.
  • Offers an easy-to-use, intuitive, self-descriptive, user-friendly GUI that makes File Access Auditing a much easier task.

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File Access Auditing tool facilitates longer Windows file server and NetApp Filers event log retention and assists in meeting various compliances and keeping all chronological details always available for forensic investigations. The utility generates instant real-time alerts on all the crucial changes made in file servers’ files, folder structures, shares, permissions and all other items.

Give it a try before you purchase!

File Access Auditor is a component of LepideAuditor Suite and is available as a free demo version for trial. Users can download the demo version, gain access to the software features and audit unlimited number of file servers for a trial period of 15 days without paying anything. Later, if you are satisfied with the functionalities of the tool, you can decide to buy the fully licensed version by contacting our sales team.

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File Access Auditor: Benefits Offered

  • Prevents unauthorized access to crucial business-specific data.
  • Keeps File systems safe from intentional changes made to Permissions.
  • Eliminates changes made to files, shares, and folder structures resulting in data loss.
  • Eradicates heavy penalties caused due to security breaches and compliance violations.
  • Creates a safe and secure file server environment, reduces detection time, and prevents events leading to compliance failure.
  • Displays the historical changes in the permissions of files and folders.
  • Simplifies all the intricacies of auditing file servers in a large organization.
  • Saves time and resources consumed while maintaining individual change repository for each file server.
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